Fashion lovers and those who are involved in the fashion industry need to keep up to date with the most important fashion events. These events, which range from runways to tradeshows, will not only keep you informed about what’s happening in the industry, but also will take you on an amazing journey.

The fashion event organizers are either brands or fashion designers. They present their latest collection of clothes and/or accessories. We can basically see their latest works. We also get a glimpse of the future for the industry from these works. Fashion events are a busy time of year. Which are the most important? We’ll tell you which 5 fashion events you must be following closely.


New York Fashion Week is held twice a year, in February and September in New York City. It is one of the most important fashion weeks around the globe. It will be next to Paris, Milan, London and Milan. We’ll also discuss them in this post.

This event is attended by some of the world’s most recognizable fashion brands, including Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and Diane Von Furstenberg.

NYC Fashion Week was founded in the 1940s. It was the first fashion event worldwide. Paris was the epicenter of the fashion industry before the Second World War. American designers were quick to fill the gap created by the German occupation. To avoid clashing shows, the Fashion Calendar was created in 1945. NYFW took its current form.

The event’s growth reached such an extent that it grew beyond control in the 1990s. It was discovered that moving from one venue to the next was not the most efficient way to do business. The industry decided to build two white tents at Bryant Park to allow most shows to occur. Today, most shows are held in Tribeca’s Spring Studios as well as other venues.

NYC Fashion Week has been a place of constant change over the years. The week has witnessed the rise in street style, blogging, celebrity front-row seats and street style. Our Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks also have NYFW on their agenda. Fashinnovation was established in 2018 to provide a platform for fashion and technology leaders to connect and find solutions to industry problems.


London Fashion Week is one of the Big Four’s newest and shortest events. It runs for five days and is always held right after NYFW. The prestigious English fashion event is known for its fearless spirit and creative outlook. It was established in 1983 by the British Fashion Council (BFC). However, the event’s rebellious roots go back further.

Mary Quant’s 1960s miniskirt and Vivienne Westwood’s subversive punk, as well as Alexander McQueen’s dark imagination, cemented this reputation. LFW is a staple of British fashion today thanks to British fashion icons such as Princess Diana, Naomi Campbell, and Kate Moss. Today, LFW highlights both established brands like Burberry and newer talent.


Paris Fashion Week, a bi-annual fashion event, takes place in Paris, France. It is held in September and February, and showcases the latest designs and works of some of the most prestigious brands around the globe. Chanel, Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton are just a few of the many brands represented.

This fashion show is known for its exquisite craftsmanship and features collections from brands who work with all four seasons. February is responsible for the Spring to Summer collections, while September handles the Fall to Winter.

Although Paris Fashion Week was officially inaugurated in 1973, its reputation as a fashion capital dates back to the 20th century. Paul Poiret, at the time, combined business and socializing with grand balls where attendees were expected dress up to the nines. In 1945, the Chamber Syndicale de la Haute Couture required that each house present at least 35 different night- and day looks for each season. The French component of the Big Four was the first to display Haute Couture, ready–to-wear and menswear collections together.

The Federation Francaise de la Couture was founded in 1970, and brought the first PFW. The event’s grandeur has been a hallmark of its success, with designers showing their collections in more extravagant sets. Paris Fashion Week is a mix of elegance and theatricality.


Twice a year, the Big Four’s Italian side also hosts a Big Four event. Milan Fashion Week is well-known for its sex appeal, and extravaganza. The Spring/Summer Show event is held in September, October, and the Fall/Winter Show Event in February or March.

Giovanni Battista Giorgini, inspired by Eleanor Lambert, created Milan Fashion Week. It all started with a series fashion shows at Palazzo Pitti in Florence. He helped to establish the fashion event’s international legitimacy. Milan was determined to be Italy’s sartorial capital. Milan, a major industrial city known for its manufacturing capabilities and talent such as Versace and Armani, eventually beat Florence. The first Fashion Week was held in Milan in 1976.

MFW has been bringing glamour and shock to the masses since then. The event was the center of supermodeling in the 1990s. These effects still resonate today. Milan Fashion Week is also a leader in both sartorial whimsy as well as sexual charm, thanks to designers like Miucca Parada and Jeremy Scott from Moschino.


East Asian fashion is unique and amazing and has been getting more attention and success. Tokyo Fashion Week is hosted by Japan Fashion Week Organization. It showcases the best in Japanese street style, luxury clothing, trends, and fashion.

The event has faced a unique challenge throughout its existence. The event’s coverage has largely focused on street style and not runway. This spotlight on street fashion stunts the growth and development of Japanese designers. Western commentators tend to treat Tokyo’s urban fashion with a little Orientalism and uphold the stereotype of “wacky Japan”.

TFW’s importance and size continues to grow. TFW is held bi-annually in March and October. Since 2005, it has experienced remarkable growth. It now aims to be the fifth element of the Big Four. The creation of the “Big Five”.


Shanghai Fashion Week is held twice a year, like other events we have discussed. Vogue stated that the future of fashion shows is changing and Shanghai is the center of it. You must look closely at SFW to see what you can expect in the future. It is part of the Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival, which typically lasts for an entire calendar month. SFW’s first edition was held in 2001. The Ministry of Commerce supported the event. The Shanghai Municipal Government now presents it. This event combines business and culture in one place.


The CFDA Fashion Awards can be described as the Oscars of Fashion. This fashion event is organized by the Council of Fashion Designers of America. It is held in New York City and recognizes American fashion designers who are outstanding. In 1984, the Association presented its first award: a Lifetime Achievement Award to James Galanos. In the following years, various award categories were created and then standardized towards the end of 1990.

IMPACT was launched by the CFDA this year. It is a multi-faceted initiative that creates opportunities for historically unsupported and underrepresented communities in fashion. According to the council, Black Lives Matter was the inspiration for the platform. This initiative is a step towards creating sustainable change and action against the economic and social marginalization of Black people. IMPACT addresses decades-old exclusion of Black talent from the industry. Their goal is to provide a model for other industries.


The MET Gala celebrates glamour, fashion, celebrities and stunning clothes on a red carpet. This iconic fashion event is also known by the Met Ball. It is an annual gala to raise funds for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in NYC. The first edition of the MET Gala took place in 1948. The event was primarily focused on raising funds to support the museum. It was much less popular than it is today. Infamous Vogue editor Diana Vreeland decided to invent the event in 1970. Celebrities started to be invited to the Met Ball’s guests list.

However, major changes did not occur until Anna Wintour assumed control of the Met Gala in 2005. Wintour was named Vogue’s editor in chief in 1988. He is responsible for fashions obsession with public figures. Celebrities started to appear on magazine covers more often that models, and the Met Ball became a popular place for celebrity sight-seeing. It has become a major fashion event, putting fashion as contemporary art. It has been home to iconic fashion moments like Rihanna’s Guo Pei gown in yellow and Kim Kardashian’s Mugler latex dress at the Met Gala.


Pitti Immagine Uomo is last but not least. This Italian fashion event, even though it is not mentioned in this post at all, is the one that opens the fashion calendar each year. Pitti Uomo showcases the best international men’s fashion and accessories collections twice a year. It is the definitive source for buyers around the world who are looking to maintain Made in Italy quality. The fashion show began in 1950 when Florentine artisan tailors started to grow on the inside scene. Pitti Uomo, originally called First Italian High Fashion Show, was exclusively dedicated to women’s fashion.