Fashion houses and leading designers set the trends for the current season and next year. These are the people who determine what will be in fashion and the trends. Fashion shows are held six months in advance of the season. If you pay close attention to the collections by big fashion players like Celine, Prada and Louis Vuitton, you won’t buy clothes that will not be fashionable tomorrow. Modern fashion isn’t set in stone. You can wear anything and you don’t have to follow the high-end trends. Instead, try your own style.

11. Hair Pins

Designer Simone Rocha established the trend for multi-colored, pearly, and shiny hairpins in 2018. They first appeared on fashion shows. Then they were seen in street style accounts, Instagram pages and streets. This trend became a bit out of fashion in the fall of 2019. In 2020, it is considered anti-trend. You can decorate your hair with a head scarf or ribbon, like the shows of Giambattista Valli and Erdem.

10. Short pants

Even though they look great on the runway, sometimes it’s not possible to wear them in real life. Bike shorts is one example. It’s best to avoid wearing them when you are doing sports. You can replace them with the micro-shorts from Yves Saint Laurent and Brandon Maxwell.

9. Net Bags

Net bags are a temporary trend. It’s not the right time to buy this bag if it wasn’t really in fashion. The micro bags, which were introduced by Simon Porte Jacquemus in his 2017 Collection, remain a hit. These bags were included in the Spring-Summer 2020 collections by fashion houses Borbonese and Marco de Vincenzo.

8. Oval Belt Bags

This trend is another from the ’90s, just like net bags and hairpins. This bag trend started to fade in popularity in summer 2019. At first, stylists suggested wearing them on their shoulders. Now they encourage people to experiment with different shapes. You can find small rectangular bags for smartphones, and saddle-shaped backpacks.

7. Uggs

Uggs are loved by many because they feel like slippers. These shoes have flat soles that are bad for your feet. The load on the back is increased by the Uggs. They are also not very trendy right now. It’s better to wear boots with a more sophisticated look than Uggs. These boots were included in collections by Dior and Prada. Alexander McQueen and Chanel also used them.

6. Shoes That Are Ugly

The fashion house Balenciaga made ugly shoes very fashionable. These sneakers (big and futuristic) have been paired with suits and romantic dresses for the past few decades. However, the trends are changing and more classic sneakers are now back on the scene. They are more simple and can be paired with any clothing.

People who enjoy fashion experimentation don’t have to be concerned. Ugly shoes will soon be replaced by ugly sandals with thick soles, huge belts and crazy colors. This trend was very popular in summer 2019, and it will continue to rise in 2020.

5. Skinny Jeans

You can still wear your favorite skinny jeans if you have them in your closet. You should pair them with trendy clothing, such as oversized sweaters and button-down white men’s shirts. But don’t buy new skinny jeans. Banana-shaped jeans, mom jeans and other looser styles are increasingly popular at the moment. You can see the Balmain and Isabel Marant shows, as well as Alexander Wang.

4. Cardigans Made From Thin Fabrics

Cardigans of the future should be large. A modern cardigan should have a loose silhouette with a higher shoulder and wider sleeves. It should not have any rhinestones, or other decorative elements. The Max Mara and Dior collections included relevant versions.

3. Peplum Skirts And Dresses

Peplum skirts and dresses make you appear more feminine. These pieces of clothing aren’t as popular as they used to be for many years. The fact that the Duchess wears them does not mean you should. We are not. She is bound to the rules of a conservative protocol. For example, the sheath dress is more in fashion now than ever. They can be seen at Rochas and Blumarine shows, as well as Roberto Cavalli.

2. Moon Boots

Moon boots look like puffy boots with rubber soles and laces. These boots were named so because they look similar to the Neil Armstrong boots when he walked on Mars in 1969. They are awkward to wear and can be worn if you’re going to a ski resort.

1. Fur Collars And Fur Pockets On Coats

Fur collars and pockets that feature fur are no longer fashionable are passé. Straighter coats are better with a free silhouette. You can see examples in Max Mara and Chanel shows, as well as Alexander Wang.

Which of these items are you not ready to let go, despite fashion trends and stylists’ opinions on the matter?