Fashion is something we deal with all day. Fashion is generally a term that refers to a style or practice that is popular, such as clothing, footwear accessories, makeup or body piercing. Fashion is constantly changing. One can see many changes in fashion’s evolution throughout history. Fashion is a distinct and sometimes recurring style in how a person dresses. It also refers to the prevailing fashion styles. Fashion is generally defined as the fashion choices made by celebrities. These celebrities could be pop stars, movie-stars, or sportspersons. These celebrities are the most popular. People tend to follow their style statements. Fashion can also be used to refer to the latest creations by textile designers. Fashion is also known as costume. However, the technical term has become so closely associated with the term fashion that it has been restricted to certain senses such as fancy dress or masquerade wear. Fashion, on the other hand, refers to clothing in general and the study of it. Fashion can have both feminine and masculine aspects, but some trends are androgynous.

Fashion has become a major part of our lives. Fashion was once a purely social phenomenon. It would be futile to compare our generation with the current generation. Fashion has become an integral part of our lives. There is a clear distinction between the current and older generations. Even school students are affected by fashion. Fashion is evident in the bags that they carry, their watches and how they carry themselves. Students are more concerned about fashion than their studies these days. Teenagers are more trendy than adults. They can even be trendsetters. Fashion changes constantly, making it hard for the average person to keep up with the latest trends. However, fashion is still the key word for teenagers today. Many teens invent new styles and strive to be an icon within their communities.

Fashion communicates a lot about you. Fashion was once a luxury that was reserved for the wealthy. The times have changed. Fashion is no longer defined by class. Everyone is trendy these days. Fashion is not just about clothing and makeup. It also encompasses accessories and how you present yourself. People from all walks of life can find inspiration in fashion and the fashion industry. It is fine to keep up with the latest Fashion trends and look attractive. However, it is a danger to get too involved with fashion and clothing when you could be better spending your time studying. You need to be balanced.

The Impact Of Fashion On Society

Fashion has been a part of our society since the beginning. Fashion isn’t new. The definition of fashion has changed greatly over the years. Fashion is constantly changing and fashion is no different. Accessories were once a minor part of fashion, but now accessories such as bracelets, studs, and fancy watches are a regular part of our fashion routine. Sometimes these accessories can be even more expensive than our dresses. It’s rare to see someone who doesn’t care about fashion on the streets. Everyone wants to look their best, from students in school to working-age professionals. Television and the media are two of the main factors behind the popularity and craze for fashion. Television and the media regularly highlight celebrities’ fashion statements. Seeing them on TV creates an urge inside the viewer to be the best. Contagious fashion, or “style”, in colloquial terms, is when people are influenced by someone who is already fashion conscious. Everybody wants to be in the forefront of fashion.

Fashion is a way to enhance your life. It allows you to look fashionable, but also encourages independence in your thinking. Fashion has made us stronger. There is no harm in being trendy, but there are limits. Fashion awareness not only increases your popularity among your friends but also boosts your confidence. Fashion refers to the most popular custom, usage, or style at a given time. Fashion is for some a way to express their inner feelings and expressions. Fashion has certainly taken over the world in all possible ways. However, we have the power to choose what to wear.

Many people think of their fashion statement as what they feel most comfortable in. However, it is important to dress appropriately for the occasion. This is sometimes called dressing sense. It is closely linked to fashion. It is impossible to imagine yourself at a wedding wearing a tracksuit and sneakers, or going on a jog or going to the gym in a formal suit. Fashion and dressing sense are important to adapt to society’s customs. We must follow certain rules and regulations if we want to live in a society. There is no harm in following the above guidelines, but there are limits.

Fashion’s Impact On Students

Teenagers are now more concerned with fashion than their grades. The fashion-oriented teenagers of today are so involved in fashion that they don’t have enough time to do other work. Time that should be spent studying is being spent looking at new styles and wandering through malls and markets for something similar. These days, teens prefer fashion magazines to reading and trying to imitate celebrities or models. Although fashion is an important part of this age group, they shouldn’t neglect other important activities such as studying and sports.

While most students should spend their time studying, there are very few students who spend their time reading fashion articles, watching TV or searching the internet for the latest trends in clothing. There have been many changes in teenager behavior. The teenagers now plan their weekends with their friends, and not with their parents as they did in the past. In the past, parents bought clothes for their children. This has been replaced with shopping by the kids. Because they can shop and have fun, malls are now the prime areas for outings. The environment has changed and fashion consciousness has brought about a new scenario. This has both its advantages and disadvantages.

Fashion’s Positive Effects On Students

Students today tend to follow fashion trends in order to feel connected and unique. Your personal style is reflected in the way you dress. For example, dressing in “hip-hop fashion” reveals a different type of personality and places you within a specific group. It is obvious that someone who dresses in this fashion draws an identity. He will likely adjust his behavior or personality more to match it. This person becomes more popular among others who share the same identity and follow the same fashion trends. Fashion is also a way to communicate your visual identity. Teenage is a time when everyone desires to be bright and beautiful. At this stage, no one wants to compromise their individuality. The positive effects fashion has on students include:

  • You will feel more independent if you follow your fashion statement.
  • No matter what you wear, it doesn’t matter what you do. It gives you confidence.
  • It helps you to connect with others who share your interests.
  • Fashion can be a panacea for bullying and connecting with other peers. As bullies believe that someone who is smart and dressed well will be the most attractive, they may try to retaliate by making a threat of them.
  • This can lead to a more attractive personality and bonds with others who are like-minded
  • It’s a way to live colourfully and explore the variety of life.
  • Being influenced by their style early on can make them independent.
  • A person with a better sense of fashion can land a job in fashion.

The Negative Effects Fashion Has On Students

There are many negative consequences associated with fashion rage among students, in addition to the positive ones. Fashion is thought to be corrupting young minds. They are always looking for new trends and finding ways to purchase trendy clothes and accessories. The main task of students is to learn. However, they now spend more time on fashion than studying. Fashion also distracts them from their studies. The world has changed. While children once dreamed of becoming scientists, doctors, engineers, or teachers, the priorities and tastes of today’s children have changed. Many now want to be in the glamorous world. Many young people today find that the fashion industry is more rewarding than any other job. They also believe it is very easy to become a model or actor, and can make a lot of money and fame. It is actually a shame that fashion-conscious people don’t get as much attention these days. Fashion is no longer a matter of fashion being trendy. Other negative effects fashion has on students are:

  • Today’s youth are so obsessed with fashion that they spend their entire day thinking about it.
  • Students spend a lot of time at the study place examining each other’s clothes and they are not able study well.
  • Groups are often formed when fashion policing is done in schools.
  • Teenagers smoke to keep up with the fashion statements of their idols.
  • Students who become too concerned about fashion can have financial consequences. However, they are distracting themselves from their primary goal: to study.
  • As a way to maintain a good image, students try to purchase all the latest fashionable products. Parents can end up with a huge financial loss as a result. Even those who cannot afford basic necessities may prefer to purchase such high-end products.
  • Girls often die to fit into tight dresses. This can distract them from their studies.
  • Many students are unaware of the side effects of chemical products such as hair colour and bleach. They also use them a lot, which can lead to allergic reactions. This can lead to pimples and other severe reactions.
  • It is possible to lose your life and your money for the desire to appear beautiful.
  • You may become obsessed with fashion clothes and feel anxious, depressed or even suicidal if you don’t look the part.


Fashion consciousness is growing day-by-day and everyone wants the best. It is not a bad thing to look good, unless you become obsessed with fashion. This is something students need to grasp. You will have to make sacrifices in student life. While you don’t have to sacrifice your fashion sense, it is important that you maintain a healthy balance so your studies do not suffer. Parents have a duty to monitor their children’s time and make sure they are not wasting it on grooming or studying. Parents should limit their purchases of clothing and fashion products. Information about the latest trends and fashion styles can distract children from their studies and block their minds. The school should also have strict guidelines regarding the use of fashionable accessories. While it is fine to be fashionable, it can interfere with academic performance and time management.