The Wedding Season Style Guide: What to Wear This Spring/Summer and Where To Find The Latest Trends.

Can you sense it? The wedding season is fast approaching! There are several trends floating…
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The Rise of Fast Fashion, What Is It, and Why Is It Bad?

Fast fashion is popular, inexpensive clothing that is mass-produced in a hurry. Fast fashion companies…
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What Is Sustainable Fashion and Why Does It Matter?

The term "sustainability" is vague, perplexing, and, in the case of fashion, overly used —…
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How to Measure Yourself for a Bridesmaid Dress

Taking your own measures isn't difficult. This being said, we've heard a lot of horror…
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The latest trends in homecoming dresses are all about showing off your personal style. Whether…
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Nike, Coach and Lululemon are among the most popular brands among American teenagers.

Nike is the most popular footwear and clothing brand among American teenagers, according to Piper…
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Impact Of Fashion On Students

Fashion is something we deal with all day. Fashion is generally a term that refers to…
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11 Pieces Of Clothing That Are Finally Not Trendy Any More

Fashion houses and leading designers set the trends for the current season and next year.…
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Understanding The 5 Stages Of The Fashion Cycle

Fashion trends change all the time. This is known as the fashion cycle. What Is…
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7 Things Guaranteed To Ruin Your Next Fashion Show

A fashion show is a great way for brands to get press attention and buyers…
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